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~We are a PG17 site, that doesn't mean you have to be 17 years old to be here. It is a simple warning with regards to content of this site.

~To get a CANON role, look through the Roles List to see if the character you wish to be isn't listed there, i.e. already taken. If not, then you can go to the "Character Application" tab and fill that in. One of the Admins will get back to you soon after.

~To create an Original Character, simply fill out the ''Character Application'' form mentioned above accordingly and the Owner will get back to you soon after reviewing your character.

~Swearing is not appreciated on main chat. Roleplays MAY have swearing but please do not over-do it.

~All members are to be treated with respect.

~You can roleplay only AFTER your application has been approved.

~No talk or advertising of other RP sites is permitted anywhere on site.

~Every month between the 1st and 15th we will run activity forum, you will be required to check in with a comment between these dates in order to confirm you are active in your role. Your role will be reset if you fail to do so.

~Upon joining, you may join us in chat with a temporary name, preferably the name which you signed up as. Once you are given a character, you may change this name and create an account on chatango (Main Chat). You may NOT, under any circumstances, sign into chat as another member's character. This will be taken as a serious violation and actions will be taken against you.

~Multirolling is allowed only with the permission of the Owner.

~ If you wish to make a role or FC change, you would need to speak to an admin.

~Members are allowed to make small storylines for their characters with others. This does not require an Admin's permission. However, major changes such as death, accidents, murder etc MUST be approved by an Admin.

~We are purely here to have fun. No piece of roleplay should be taken as a serious gesture.

~If you are not able to come online for a while, let an admin know or post in the Absent forum, so we don't reset your role.

Roleplay Rules

~Beware of godmodding.

~If roleplaying in chat, make sure to use // || or parenthesis to indicate OOC speech.

~No killing of Characters allowed unless approved by the Owner. This includes both Canons and Original Characters.

~Sexual roleplay is allowed ONLY in private and when both the parties have agreed to it. While roleplaying publicly, you MUST fade to black. This includes, but is not restricted to main chat, and forums.

~Foul language is allowed in roleplay only to a limit, constant abusing will not be appreciated under any circumstances.

~ For relationships, engagements, pregnancy and adoption please see the Owner.

~Although we believe in the motto 'quality above quantity' we appreciate detailed roleplays more than one-liners. However we do not criticize short roleplays and any member found doing so will face serious actions.

~Please try to avoid interrupting continued posts that end with >> (c) or -, this means that person wants to add an extra part to their roleplay.


~All Admin's decisions are final and are to be obeyed. If you are concerned about an Admin's action, please speak to the site owner.

Fail to follow these rules, you will get a warning until a maximum 3 warnings are earned.