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The Orignal Sinners~ BRAND NEW! TVD/TO Site

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The Orignal Sinners~ BRAND NEW! TVD/TO Site

Post by Elena(guest) on Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:14 am


Following Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes death, Mystic Falls has been left in the hands of a new sheriff Matt Donovan. The dead have returned and the living have everything to fear including their own freedom and survival. What will become of the small town of Mystic Falls? When two witches Cormia Winters and Ingrid Ambroise from the old world return to their witching ground known as Mystic Falls embarking on a mission that leaves the residents in tears and fear. Having desired more power than any witch could ever endure, Cormia and Ingrid formed a rivalry with the Bennett witch while many years ago until Emily took action when she did the unthinkable. Having the support of the old witches and ancestors, Emily received the power to send the two witches to their own personal hell...banishment. The witches having been banished for over hundreds of years, they have finally escaped their banishment by Emily Bennett. The dead can do nothing but help the witches in their quest for power and the destruction of Emily Bennett's bloodline.

No one is safe and everyone is a victim in this small town brewing with the supernatural and humans unknown to the war between the heroes and the villains.

Meanwhile in New Orleans Hope Mikaelson is turned into a teenage girl when an unexpected source seeks out the Mikaelson family's assistance with the recent witch problem back in Mystic Falls. With Niklaus Mikaelson in rage with what Emily Bennett has done to his daughter, the deceased witch returns from the depths off hell or heaven to once again fight of the witches that should have stayed banished. Emily having turned young Hope Mikaelson into a sixteen year old teenager showing her true power and worth, she knows the risk she is taking coming back into the world to make sure the destruction of the witches is far worse than what they have done to Mystic Falls.

However back in Mystic Falls, the cure falls in the wrong hands when one of the witches, Cormia uses it to turn Elena Gilbert into a human once again. Mystic Falls crumbles as the two witches release hell on Earth, the dead are back but how much do they remember? Why are they back? Who set them free? For Elena it is not the perfect time to be a human. Not when the worst is about to begin. Not when her worst nightmare is about to arrive in Mystic Falls. Not when the Originals are about to be the new residents.

New Orleans celebrates as the Original Family leaves the city but not before Klaus crowns Marcel Gerard his Prince to take over until his return to the thrown. Esther and Finn have other ideas and following the family is not one of them. Esther is determined to make her children pay for their sins and repent. New Orleans and Mystic Falls are about to host the demons they have been hiding.

Hell will become the Original Sinners.

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