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A Dangerous game [A Batman/DC next gen]

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A Dangerous game [A Batman/DC next gen]

Post by A Dangerous Game Admin on Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:01 pm

        The world is riffled with chaos as villains controlled people's daily lives with fear and madness, citizens were often found helpless without their super hero rescuers. As the years go by, many of these super beings, both good and evil, began to disappear off the face of the earth. Names that were both revered and feared were slowly forgotten as they faded into the background.Peace. A word rarely used to describe the world. This was a time for harmony, where people were able to return to normal lives. There were many copy cats, people who tried to replace the new heroes and villains, but rarely was anyone able to make an impression on the people like heroes and villains of the old days.The peace was only on borrowed time before new villains begin popping up, once who appeared with a vengeance. These villains take up mantles of their predecessors or create their own image. They're powerful, smart, and just as mad as the last generation. New and old names light up the headlines of the news as these malefactors take reign on the city.Who will rise to fight the new fight?

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