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Bloody Love - A TVD/TO Roleplay Group

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Bloody Love - A TVD/TO Roleplay Group

Post by BL Staff on Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:23 am

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Welcome to Bloody Love. We are a TVD/TO AU roleplay site. The site plot is set after season 6 of TVD and season 2 of TO with the slight changes we have made specifically for this site. You can find those changes in the site information area. Come join and show us your teeth. Do you have what it takes?  
No longer the same as they once were, New Orleans and Mystic Falls have become the home to many new supernatural beings. Many have risen from the dead and old threats have been vanquished. However with old enemies gone, new ones are arriving. Some are there for revenge, some for a new home, and some to take over as the supreme ruler. The monsters that have roamed the earth, the powerful and undead, are no longer the only nighmares to be real, now the people of each city are beginning to find out that there are worlds beyond their imagination. These new dimensions have creatures that are even more power hungry and frightening than any so far. You will need the word damned for your app. Will Klaus be able to remain the most powerful and feared or will the newcomers prove worse than the centuries old Original? Will the town of Mystic Falls survive the wars to come or will it finally be turned to a pile of ash and rubble? Which side will you choose?
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