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New surroundings

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New surroundings

Post by Emma Swan on Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:29 pm

Emma was walking back from grannies, she had spent the most of her lunch break inside of the dinner with Henry her son. She had been all tied up at work with the different cases since she came back from Boston with Regina as they went looking for Lilith. So much had happened for her to get her mind wrapped around, in so little time. As she passed Gold’s and was about to walk across the road she had noticed that something was right, she could feel an uneasy atmosphere that had surrounded her. When she looked up she saw a sort of portal in the middle of the cross roads, it was like the one that she had used to travel through time with Hook. “What the hell” She muttered under her breath, she was confused of what it was and how it had gotten there. She knew that she could have to go and investigate it; it was her responsibility as the Sherriff of Storybrooke. Who knows what this thing could do and the cause it would cause if it wasn’t looked at. Whilst approaching the portal, she pulled out her gun and had it at the ready as she investigated it. Stepping towards the portal, she was only a few feet away from it; she could feel herself being pulled closer and closer to it. She was being sucked in and there was nothing that she could do about it. She closed her eyes for only a moment not knowing what was being happening to her. As she opened her eyes she looked around where was lying on the floor in a place where she had not been before. She wasn’t in Storybrooke anymore. She was somewhere else. Whilst she stood up she tried to gather her bearings to try to figure out where she was, she could see that she was standing on an empty street. There were no other souls in site; she was all alone in what seemed like a big city. Emma knew that she would have to walk through the empty streets of where she was so that she could try to figure out where she was so that she could make her way back home somehow. She looked and saw some high end shops with some cafes around every corner. There was a feeling that she couldn’t shake, it was like she had been here before but she couldn’t place her finger on it. Her surroundings were familiar to her.

Emma Swan

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