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Black Prism: Lightbringer/Night Angel AU [jcink]

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Black Prism: Lightbringer/Night Angel AU [jcink]

Post by black prisim staff on Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:39 pm

Lochstone, Washington is on the brink of war. The north side of this bustling city is owned and operated by a local regime known as the Spectrum, a council of drafters. Drafters rule the north with an iron fist, spectacled in the light they translate into magic. They are beauty and the world is envious of their magic. The world, except the Sa’kage, a shadowy council that rules Southern Lochstone but basks and revels in the darkness they have worked so hard to empower.

War is coming. Who’s side are you on?

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black prisim staff

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